Goin' In Deep

Honesty a secret weapon for mastering your mindset - BeOne Mindset talk and task

October 25, 2021 Ben Eastwood & Oli Dunn Season 1 Episode 18
Goin' In Deep
Honesty a secret weapon for mastering your mindset - BeOne Mindset talk and task
Show Notes

How honest are you with others and most importantly ... with yourself? Honestly.

This is one question that is vital when trying to master your mindset. This week, the Goin' In Deep podcast was unable to set a date to record, with Oli returning from holiday, running 2 school choc shop education sessions, running other live training and continuing his weekly live show.

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Whilst Ben has been launching a new BeOne challenge, coaching his personal BeOne clients and designing and delivering continuing to build the beonemindset.com resources and community.

So, with both the boys being busy, we decided - with Ben's permission, to share a recent talk and task given by ben on this topic.

As mentioned in the podcast, here are the tasks Ben shared within the BeOne Community

Below are the key questions/tasks from the talk. 

1 - What do you want in life? / What do you want for your life? / How do you want your life to be? 

2 - What do you not want in your life? - What have you had enough of? What doesn’t serve you and your ambitions? What is negatively affecting you? 

 3 - Are you happy with your life right now? 

4 - Are you happy with every area of your life right now? Can you categories (check the perspectives task if need help here) 

5 - If you have a goal right now are you doing everything in your power to get there? 

6 - What is ‘everything in your power’ in your eyes? 

7 - What are you currently doing that doesn’t align with who you want to be? 

8 - What doesn’t support your goals/ambitions in your life right now? 

9 - What does support your goals/ambitions in life right now?

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