Goin' In Deep

Approaches and actions to retrain your brain

October 04, 2021 Ben Eastwood & Oli Dunn / Sabina Brennan Season 1 Episode 15
Goin' In Deep
Approaches and actions to retrain your brain
Show Notes

The brain is a powerful tool that we can train, let me say that again, we can train our brains to help us act and behave in a way that is more positive. Not only will this help us to live better lives, but equally it allows us to move towards our goals and visions without some of those self-created barriers and obstacles.

But don't just take our word for it, after all, what would a chocolatier, mindset coach and a content strategist know?

Luckily Ben and Oli were joined by Sabinaconversation with health psychologist and neuroscientist, Sabina Brennan!

This is the second part of the discussion, so if you missed part 1 be sure to check out episode 14 which discusses, the way our brains work, how we can train them to become more efficient by feeding them patterns and much, much more!

For more information about Sabina's work, her books, podcast and lots of free resources visit Super Brain listen to the Super Brain Podcast or check out one of Sabina's books:
100 Days to a Younger Brain - a No 1 Best-Seller and newly released Beating Brain Fog.

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