Goin' In Deep

Choose You're Journey Every Day! With Adam Cox

February 14, 2022 Ben Eastwood & Oli Dunn / Adam Cox Season 2 Episode 3
Goin' In Deep
Choose You're Journey Every Day! With Adam Cox
Show Notes

Every day we have the opportunity to shape our journey, by the attitude we adopt and the decisions we take in the moment. This week we take a step back to reflect on the journey of Adam Cox, a Cake Decoration Master who is the person the rich and famous call when they need something special crafting. 

 Adam shares with Oli and Ben, how he found himself getting started and how he took the next step on his journey by taking a chance on his own after building up a skillset and portfolio he could be proud of. 

But most importantly Adam and the boys explore ideas about how staying true to yourself and understanding that fame and fortune (although would be awesome) isn't everything, being happy in what you do and how you spend your time when you're not at work is FAR more important.


This is our first guest featured episode of 2022 and series 2, as such the conversation (as they often seem to) drifted over the 2-hour mark, so make sure you're following the podcast ready to tune back in when the next edition drops next week. 


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